Robe, SA

Day 46 – Victor Harbor – 30 October 2017

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Robe to Victor Harbor was one of our longest drives in a while, but as there wasn’t too much we were planning on seeing on the way we weren’t bothered to get started particularly early. The weather in Robe was still pretty cloudy, windy and cold but at least it had stopped raining by the time we got in the car. We drove around Robe and got some pictures of a very stormy sea and clouds before heading off on a long and pretty dull drive to Victor Harbor.

We arrived in Victor Harbor and checked into the Victor Harbor City Inn and sorted out some admin using their fast (though intermittent) WiFi. It was still windy and cold and after having a look at Granite Island from a distance we decided not to bother with the Horse Drawn Tram to Granite Island which is the main tourist attraction in Victor Harbor – we couldn’t really see the point! Instead we relaxed and rested up a bit as I think we are becoming a bit travel weary! Later on we walked around town and checked out the watering holes before having some dinner at the Grosvenor Hotel and an early night.

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