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Day 51 – Rotorua – 4 November 2017

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Day 51 in our smelly room in Waitomo started out drizzly but at least not particularly cold and as we didn’t have too far to travel to Rotorua we hung around the hotel room getting frustrated with the patchy WiFi until check-out time before we set off. Instead of heading straight for Rotorua we drove west to Marokopa Falls and as we approached we could hear the water thunder over the cliffs. Obviously the rain has swelled the river somewhat and the falls were quite something and due to the spray coming off it we couldn’t get close without getting very wet, and pictures were a bit hard to take as well!

We then did a walk around the brilliant green countryside and Mangapohue Natural Bridge before starting back on the winding little road to Waitomo. It was a really good drive with great views around every corner (most including sheep) and we really enjoyed it, even though it was drizzling and occasionally raining.

From Waitomo we followed Route 30 which is supposed to be more scenic than some of the quicker drives and weren’t disappointed by the sights, though it wasn’t easy to find turnouts for pictures most of the time. In Rotorua we checked into a huge room in B-K’s Rotorua and got some washing done (it was still raining and VERY foggy outside) before exploring the town. We had dinner at Fat Dog Cafe which was a bit meh, and drinks at Hennessy’s Irish Bar and Ponsonby Road Lounge Bar before calling it a night.

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