Wellington - Burger Liquor

Day 55-56 – Wellington – 8-9 November 2017

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Napier to Wellington was another long and though pretty, fairly dull drive – but it had to be done! We were staying in Wellington for two nights so weren’t too bothered about getting there early so we were in no hurry.We were staying at Astelia Apartments with the most nerve-wracking parking ever – it was quite a drama to get our Q7 (or the bus as it is affectionately known) up the ridiculously narrow driveways for five floors! We are of course petrified of any damage to the car as we got it brand new! We took it easy for the afternoon and only went out later on for a drink and something to eat.
As it turns out, Wellington is a GREAT city for eating and drinking – Cuba Street seems to be the established street for after-hours entertainment, but there’s a lot of hip and happening places in side streets and slightly off the beaten track areas as well. We started off at Crumpet with a (very good) cocktail for me and beer for Brian, followed by Hanging Ditch (very cool), Fortune Favours (good beer) and finally Laundry on Cuba Street (really groovy place, great cocktails). By that time we’d had enough, and ended up having some food at Burger Fuel again before heading back to the hotel, and getting some shopping in on the way.

Our only full day in Wellington started nice and easy and we got going fairly late, starting with a walk to the Wellington Cable Car and walking around the Botanic Gardens for a bit after than.

After that we did our usual thing of walking around the city and just exploring what’s there and we ended up covering a fair bit of distance. Wellington is a lovely city with lots of interesting buildings, scenery and wall art and after walking around for ages (felt like it anyway) we sat down to a well deserved cup of coffee and doughnut.

In the evening we went out for drinks again, trying out some more bars (Laundry for a second time) and ended up getting a very cheap take-away pizza from near our hotel. We also happened to have one of the best food halls (Capital Street) I’ve seen on this trip just across the road from the hotel, and how I failed to eat there I really don’t know!

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