West Coast, NZ - between Westport and Greymouth

Day 58 – Arthur’s Pass – 11 November 2017

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We went to have a look at the beach at Westport before leaving the town, and then did a little walk at Cape Foulwind – neither particularly interesting but at least the weather was turning out the be nice and warm!

We then started the drive along the west coast between Charleston and Greymouth, stopping often for pictures. This is a very scenic drive and very popular with tour buses and tourists like us, and it’s easy to see why with great sea views on offer – as well as Pancake Rocks & Blowholes. There was no sign of any blowholes (though it was windy enough!) when we visited, but the pancake rocks were much more impressive than we expected and definitely worth a stop and the 20min walk around the area.

Just before Greymouth we turned inland and had our lunch at Lake Brunner before the final leg or our journey to Arthur’s Pass. The drive to Arthur’s Pass is of course spectacular, with snow tipped mountains appearing everywhere and LOTS and LOTS of mountains, streams, small waterfalls and just greenery. This country is extremely wet! At Arthur’s Pass we checked into our superb accommodation for the night – Arthur’s Pass Alpine Motel where we got a two bed cabin – luxury indeed!

We settled in and had a cup of coffee before heading off for a walk through town and to the Devil’s Punchbowl Waterfall – which was a bit more challenging than I expected – but then I am very unfit and all the pies I ate added a bit more weight to carry about with me! After that exertion we clearly needed a beer and stopped at Arthur’s Pass’ only real option for food and drink in the evening – The Wobbly Kea. We had a few beers and I had some fish & chips and it turned out to be a very enjoyable evening, though rather chilly on the walk home!

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