Another day of meandering and taking the scenic coastal road awaited, after my morning run along the Marginal Way. The Marginal Way was no less than magical and I got amazing views as the sun came up over the ocean and it was a great way to start the day.

We were in no particular hurry, but also had no particular reason to hang about so got driving around 10am. Again we mostly followed the US-1 via Bath, Rockport & Camden. The route turned out to be less populated and with fewer towns and houses than the day before and a LOT more trees and beautiful green scenery. This drive really is amazing and it is well worth staying off the highways to experience the incredible surrounds of the Maine countryside.

Just outside Waldoboro we stopped at Moody’s Diner for an authentic diner lunch experience and some Apple Pie for Brian and Boston Baked Beans & Sausage for me.
A little bit past Camden we visited Battie Tower in Camden Hills State Park for some amazing views over the coast and parks of Maine.

We had a very calm and relaxed day, though when we got to Bangor it became clear why I struggled to find a decently priced room to stay in. It turns out that Bangor is quite a famous town for music concerts and other events, and Lyrnd Skynrd was playing the same night we were there. The whole town was abuzz with Harley Davidsons and people of a certain age dressed in black and/or leather getting pissed before the concert. Once we found our hotel and checked in Brian quickly made friends with some fellow smokers and rowdy (i.e. very drunk) concert goers who were playing their music loud enough to make the walls vibrate. My heart sank as I viewed the tiny double bed (we’re mostly used to having the option of King beds of 2 doubles) and my ears were assaulted with blaring music just a couple of rooms up from ours (definitely starting to show my age!).
We decided to go out straight away to find somewhere to eat and have a drink and had some really interesting beer at Nocturnem Draft Haus, before a quick stop in Paddy Murphy’s and exploring the town some more. By the time we’d finished our drinks most concert goers seemed to be at the concert and the town was significantly quieter, so we had a couple of really good pizzas at Blaze before finding the highlight of the evening, New Waverley Restaurant. The place is a proper dive bar with some very interesting characters but very welcoming and cheap – we really liked it there but by then had had enough to drink so went to sleep and had a surprisingly quiet night!

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