Canada - on the way to Grand Falls

Day 5 – Bangor to Grand Falls, Canada

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Today was a very relaxed day, though it involved lots of driving and lots of beautiful scenery. We stayed on the backroads and had our first Tim Horton’s coffee and doughnut of the trip, which is always worth mentioning – I love a bit of Timmy’s! Crossing the border to Canada was no hassle at all and we soon started seeing signs in French.

Grand Falls has, as the name suggests, a waterfall – right in the middle of town, and after checking in and dumping our stuff we took a walk to have a look at it. Grand Falls is quite impressive and better than we expected, especially as this was only a stopover on the way to Quebec. Unfortunately it turned out to be much colder than the weather report predicted so we didn’t spend too much time at the falls before heading back for our motel (Hill Top Motel) and a lovely toasty room!

The hotel room had a very strange cooker/integrated fridge combination that I’ve never seen before and that didn’t look particularly safe to cook on, so we decided to rather try the motel’s restaurant/diner, which was pretty good – and very cheap.

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