This was going to be our longest amount of time spent on the road so far for this trip, so we set off fairly early (about 9am!). The trip was once again green and pretty but not particularly interesting to look at. Arriving in Ottawa the weather was grey and overcast and rain was predicted, so we just wanted to check in quickly so we could explore before it started raining. The hotel on first impression looked a bit dodgy but it ended up being a very nice surprise! The Business Inn room consisted of a separate bedroom (with white noise machine), fully equipped kitchen and living room with pull-out sofa – and 2 of the biggest televisions I’ve ever seen! Weirdly, there was also a computer and printer in the room, which I suppose could come in handy for business travelers.
We made our customary tour of the town, pretty much getting rained on the entire time. Fortunately Ottawa isn’t that big – or rather the bits we went to see were all in a small radius of each other, so we didn’t have to walk too far in the rain.

On the way back to the hotel we stopped at a Scottish pub, Deacon Brodies, where I had Duck Wings – it just had to be done!. In the next pub, The Fox & Feather, Brian had a very cheap Ribeye steak (under $20, which is crazy cheap), that came with soup, that I had of course. Brian’s steak was ok, though the place itself wasn’t that great, and we moved on after dinner. Ottowa is certainly not lacking in pubs, and quite a few very big ones at that. We went to The Lieutenant’s Pump for a last drink, which is a great looking place and was quite busy. We enjoyed Ottawa for the short time we spent there, though another day would probably have been a waste.

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