Closson Chase Vineyards

Day 9 & 10 – Ottawa to Prince Edward County

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Day 9 saw us make the trip from Ottawa to Prince Edward County, where we were going to visit Rollande, our sister-in-law. We took the more scenic backroads and got to Picton about 2pm, glad to get somewhere where we could relax and even more glad that the weather was finally showing signs of improvement! The weather was in fact lovely and warm and we spent a great afternoon catching up on Rollande’s deck before heading out for a drive of the island. Rollande took us to Waupoos Estates Winery & Restaurant for some wine tasting but unfortunately they were shut. We still walked around and had a look at the beautiful venue before setting off back home for some wine and some great barbecued steak. Lake Ontario seems to be pretty flooded at the moment, something we saw more signs of over the next few days.

The next day we had another relaxing day of lunch, wine & beer tastings and another great dinner on Rollande’s deck, with the sun shining and cold drinks in hand – an absolutely fabulous way to spend 2 days! We went for a walk on the local beach, which is a very strange sight to see on a lake, but very pretty and quite busy. We then lined our stomachs with a great lunch at Midtown Brewing Company before wine tasting at Grange of Prince Edward Vineyards and Estate Winery which is a beautiful place with some very interesting wines. The last stop of the day was at Closson Chase Vineyards Inc where I bought a very nice Rose to go with dinner.

We had two amazing days with Rollande, who showed us the island, played tour guide, and cooked us some great meals – just what we needed as I’ve developed a nasty cold and accompanying cough, and Brian is still recovering from his cold. It was really great just being able to unwind and not to have to get up and pack up and move on or go sightseeing all day, every day!

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