Saratoga Springs

Day 12 – Syracuse to Saratoga Springs

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There were a couple of waterfalls not far from Syracuse that we wanted to see before heading out for Saratoga, so got on our way fairly early. First on our list was Pratt Falls Park, before we stopped at Chittenango Falls State Park. Both waterfalls were pretty and worth the extra couple of hours it took to see them.

The trip to Saratoga was fairly long and on the way we stopped at KC’s Corner Restaurant so I could have lunch – I love proper old style diners! Once we arrived in Saratoga Springs we set off for a quick walk round the Vale of Springs, where we saw a few natural springs, which are what made Saratoga famous in the first place. I found the fact that the springs are naturally carbonated fascinating as it’s the first time I’ve ever experienced it! To me the water tasted pretty awful, but some people still bring containers and believe in the healing properties of the water – see here for some interesting info!

These days Saratoga Springs is better known for horse racing, and as we wandered around the town there was plenty of evidence of this, with horse sculptures everywher and little jockeys instead of gnomes in people’s gardens! We had a great evening walking around the eating & drinking establishments of Saratoga Springs, that was very busy despite it being a Sunday night – though the great weather may have had something to do with it!

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