On the way to Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

Day 14 – Ithaca to Harrisburg

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As we couldn’t see any of the waterfalls around Ithaca the day before, we set out early to see some of them before heading towards Harrisburg, the state capitol of Pennsylvania. We stopped at Buttermilk State Falls State Park, as well as the Robert H. Treman State Park for some great views. We also managed a nice walk in Treman Park which was a great way to enjoy the sights of the park after a fairly cooped up day the day before.

The drive to Harrisburg was another day of green, green and more green – I can’t get over how wooded and green this part of the country is!

Harrisburg was nice and sunny and we went for a walk along the waterfront, which is a great area for a walk, with loads of bridges, before visiting the state capitol which is a very impressive building. We were even allowed into a chamber to watch a live session – though of course we had no idea what they were debating!

After the hard work of walking and politics, we felt we deserved a drink and found ourselves in Bourbon Street Saloon where the beer is cheap and Brian was allowed to smoke inside! Harrisburg has lots of Happy Hour deals and we took advantage of the half price pizzas & cocktails at Bacco Pizzeria and Wine Bar, that hit the spot just right.

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