Indianapolis, Indiana

Day 21 – Louisville to Indianapolis

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We are now at the point of the trip where the days all start blurring into one and you start struggling to remember where you were a few nights ago! The accents are also getting increasingly stronger and while I usually have a good grasp of what people are saying to me, they seem to struggle a bit more with understanding me and Brian!
Brian made a visit to the Muhammad Ali Center before we set out to Indianapolis via Muhammad Ali’s grave, while also swinging by the Colonel’s grave.

The last few days of the trip have been dogged by increasingly worsening weather and regular weather warnings for T-storms, flooding and even tornadoes and today was no exception. We got to Indianapolis too early for check-in so decided to leave the car and do a walk around the city. We were staying in the Lockerbie Square area of the city which is close to Massachusetts Avenue and its plethora of eating and drinking options. Indianapolis is great city to walk around, with lots of green spaces and a lovely Canal Walk as well as riverside walks.

By the time we started our walk back to the B&B we were staying in the weather started looking really bad and we were lucky enough to just make it to the front door before it started hammering down. We then had to sit out the storm before going out for a very pleasant walk, a couple of drinks and a very nice meal at Bru Burger Bar.

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