Springfield, Illinois

Day 22 – Indianapolis to Springfield

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The drive to Springfield, Illinois was another flat drive with lots of farms and fields, and not much else to see – other than the impressive rain clouds gathering!

The town is Springfield is a pleasant enough place, though it is only really known for one reason – it is the birthplace of Abraham Lincoln. It also happens to be the State Capitol, so as soon as we checked in we went to have a look at it and of all the capitols we’ve seen I think this one is my favourite. We then walked to where Abe Lincoln was born, which is a few streets that have been preserved and is being kept the way it would have been in his time. It is a pleasant street with lots of old houses and tours you can do – though we got rained on pretty much as soon as we got there!

The rest of the afternoon proceeded with us getting soaked, running into a pub, waiting for the rain to stop (it never did) and making our way back to the hotel. Brian had a burger at Brewhaus, which is a proper dive – and not in a good way. There we also experienced quite surly service, which is only noticeable as the service everywhere is extremely friendly and people are very helpful. I found a nice Mexican place, Tacology 101 where I had amazing tacos before we made our way back to the hotel – cold and wet!

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