Westport - Kansas City

Day 29 & 30 – Eureka Springs to Kansas City

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Day 29 – Eureka Springs to Kansas City

I’m more than a week behind on the blog again – so here goes Kansas double-quick! We had 2 nights in KC so weren’t in a hurry to get there – which is just as well as it is quite a drive from Eureka Springs! We stopped at yet another Walmart in the middle of nowhere to stock up our cooler before reaching KC and checking into our hotel close to the Country Club Plaza. On our first leg of what became a bloody long walk, we walked to the Kemper Museum of Contemporary Art which was unfortunately just closing, before moving on the the The Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art which is huge and has some great art. By this point we were absolutely boiling and the nice cool museum was a great escape, even though a security guard started following Brian about as he must have looked well dodgy!

Next up was the Country Club Plaza, which is not a club and definitely not in the country. It is a rather impressive shopping area “built in a distinctive Seville Spain theme” with posh shops and quite a few nice restaurants and bars. The buildings and whole area are really nice though a little bit odd – read more about the County Club Plaza and its history here. We only had one beer around that area before heading to the Westport area which looked a bit more like our kind of area!

Westport is a historic area in Kansas City with a long history – though that’s not particularly what drew us to the area! Westport is pretty cool with lots of bars and restaurants and we ended up having a few beers at Westport Ale House and a pretty good dinner at the Beer Kitchen before calling it a night.

Day 30 – Kansas City

Our second day in KC was a slow start and walking about kind of day and I’m sure there’s a lot we didn’t see in the end – but it was just so damn hot! Here’s some pictures of the bits we did see – though for me the highlight of the day was undoubtedly Joe’s Kansas City Bar-B-Que! Joe’s is an institution and a lot of people will tell you that it’s the best BBQ in KC. I wouldn’t know about that as I haven’t tried any others, but the ribs were definitely the best I’ve had so far on the trip!

Evening time saw us in the Westport area again where we enjoyed a few beers and a chat with a local. KC was another (starting to sound like a broken record!) nice surprise and the people were all very nice and helpful, so a pretty good experience all round!

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