Wichita, Kansas

Day 31 – Kansas City to Wichita

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We were fortunate to be in Wichita on a Friday night and we really enjoyed ourselves! We stayed in the Old Town and as there wasn’t much to do within walking distance, other than eating and drinking, that’s pretty much what we did! On the way to Wichita we stopped off at a Freddy’s Steakburger for a burger and a concrete – both were amazing and I think Freddy’s is now my favourite fast food burger. Oh, and Kansas is FLAT!
Our room at the Hotel at Old Town was more of a suite and was HUGE and really nice – though the WiFi wasn’t great. After we cooled down and had a cup of coffee we hit the town for Happy Hour!

First up was Emerson Biggin’s where they had good Happy Hour deals and Brian had some great cheesy Tater Tots. The USA Women’s team had just beaten England in the Women’s Soccer World Cup and the mood in the bar certainly showed it! We then moved on to River City Brewing where I had a couple of very nice HH margaritas before heading for Pumphouse where we could finally sit outside – it was extremely hot so just as well we didn’t have far to walk to get to the bars!

We were on our way back to the hotel when I spotted Mort’s Martini and Cigar Bar where they had some live music on so we ended the night in there with a drink or two.

Wichita Old Town is small and very walkable – even in the heat – and is a great stopover with no shortage of eating and drinking options. The town is also quite good to look at – lots of plants and containers everywhere, with banners and signs adding some colour. We really had no reason to go to Witchita, other than the fact that it gets mentioned in songs, but it ended up a great place for a stopover, though a very nice hotel room and the fact that it was Friday night probably helped!

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