I started out wanting to create a pretty blog with pictures of food and exotic places that you see all over the internet, but in reality it might turn out to be a lot more mundane than that! I will try and keep it interesting as much as I can though. At the end of this year (2014) me and Brian are taking a sabbatical and will go and stay in South Africa for a few months before travelling America for six months – budget permitting! I wanted to start this blog mainly to document our travels in America and thought I’d better start educating myself and learning about blogging and maybe some web development skills at the same time. Now, clearly the America trip is still a long way off but I’m hoping that we’ll do a few things in the meanwhile I can write about and take some nice pictures of so that I can be a super blogger by the time we set off! I can quite happily say that I’m creating this blog primarily for friends and family who know me and I don’t feel like I have a particular goal in mind or anything specific I’d like to achieve.

Disclaimer: I have no skills in programming, photography, writing or anything remotely creative so don’t expect too much!

Eating Paella in Fornalutx, July 2013
Eating Paella in Fornalutx, July 2013


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  1. Jou planne na Amerika klink vir my baie interessant. Are you then South African? Is the Afrikaans OK with you? I would love to read your stories about your visit in America. A Place I never might see myself.

    Dont worry about skills in writing of photography, most of us are also green. Thanks for visiting my blog, and I would love to hear more … are you and Brian in the food business?


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