Day 12 – Townsville – 26 September 2017

After a continental breakfast at the Castawasy Resort we set out for South Mission Beach, stopping at Wongaling Beach on the way there. They are both lovely beaches, though quiet, residential towns compared to ‘main’ Mission Beach, and all the action seems to be in Mission Beach, where we stayed.

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Day 11 – Mission Beach – 25 September 2017

I woke up early and excitedly made my way down to the Platypus Viewing Platform. It was a misty morning and I waited around a while trying to spot a platypus, ending up taking loads of cows in the mist as I couldn’t spot any platypus. Just as I was leaving I spotted a little creature skimming the surface of the water, diving a resurfacing a couple of times. I was very excited of course, though it proved quite hard trying to take a picture of it! Continue reading