Day 26 – Badlands to Rapid City – not such a rapid pace of life after all!

As mentioned in my previous post Interior is a tiny and remote town and therefore very quiet, so it was nice to wake up to birds singing – even though it was at bloody 4am! We’ve changed time zones again and are now in the Mountain Time Zone – we’ve also covered Central and Eastern so far. It got light really early and it looked like good weather so we got going early and were on Continue reading

Day 24 – Sioux Falls to Chamberlain on the bank of the Missouri River

Today’s drive is still sunny but getting decidedly more ‘Wild West’ with pickups trucks or lorries everywhere and country and western music on almost all the radio stations – I’ve even seen a couple of people with cowboy hats and boots! The landscape is very flat and mostly quite green, dotted with farms and smaller towns that we are mostly passing by as we’re driving on the I-90 which is a major highway. Continue reading