Day 2 – Washington DC!

Our first full day in America started with a hunt for a Walmart to sort out a GPS and SIM cards for our phones. I mapped a route on Google Maps again and after many a wrong turn (I seem to have forgotten how left and right works in retirement!) we arrived at Walmart – me with camera at the ready in case I spotted anyone/anything bizarre enough to take pictures of! Continue reading

Day 1 – Arriving in the USA – Washington Dulles Airport!

Everyone always warns you about not saying anything ‘wrong’ or trying to be funny when arriving into the USA, so I was a bit nervous standing in a massive queue to go through passport control at Dulles Airport (not that I’m funny anyway). I needn’t have feared though as it was all smooth sailing, despite us joining the slowest possible queue at every opportunity that presented itself! It took us quite a while to get through the whole process and it sorely tested my patience as patience is of course not one of my many virtues. We finally made it through and hopped on the shuttle taking us to pick up our rental car, where the staff seemed incredulous that their manager waived our second driver charge (about an additional $10/day). Continue reading