Day 32 – Yellowstone – Old Faithful, Norris Geyser Basin & West Yellowstone

Friday again and our last day in Yellowstone! We got up and packed up, though my head was banging, and set off for our final day in Yellowstone – it was going to be a busy day full of geysers and stuff! We drove the, by now familiar, route between Wapiti and Fishing Bridge before turning right to drive past Canyon Village again and onwards to Norris Geyser Basin. Sometimes Continue reading

Day 30 – Cody to Wapiti, Yellowstone & Grand Teton!

I’m a bit behind on my posts as we were in Yellowstone National Park for 3 days and were so busy I didn’t get round to posting anything!
We started out from Cody quite early on Wednesday morning so we could go to Yellowstone National Park for the day. On the way we checked into our motel for the next couple of nights at Wapiti, Green Creek Inn, and got our key to the room. Continue reading

Day 28 – Sundance to Buffalo & the Bighorns

We left Sundance fairly early as check-out time at the motel was 10am, and again we didn’t have that far to go, so were a bit worried about what we would do with our time. I’ve been booking places not too far apart as we don’t want to spend all day driving, and just rush through the country, but on the other hand if we get to a very small town early in the afternoon and there’s not much to do we struggle Continue reading