On the way to Colorado Springs, Colorado

Day 35 – Dodge City to Colorado Springs

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After we dodged Dodge City it was a good 5hrs+ drive to Colorado Springs which tends to get a lot longer it there’s things to see on the way. Fortunately the drive to CS was very dull again and as we had little reason to stop and we made good time. We arrived in Colorado Springs to yet another T-storm warning and sure enough, not long after we arrived at our hotel the heavens opened and it started raining!

Fortunately the rain didn’t last too long and after a while we decided to brave the elements and drove to Garden of the Gods close by (also the name of our motel). The place was teeming with people, despite the weather, but it is free so it had a combination of locals and visitors enjoying the scenery. It was another place that we went to see purely because the guides tell you to and we didn’t expect too much, but it was really good and we enjoyed the walk and just being out in nature and seeing MOUNTAINS after weeks of flat, featureless horizons. We were in fact so happy to see some “scenery” that we probably went a bit crazy with the amount of pictures we took!

It was Monday night and Old Colorado City isn’t the biggest hub for going out, but we found a good meal and drinks at Mother Muffs. Even though we like a bit of karaoke Mother Muff’s karaoke didn’t do it for us and we left not too long after it started. It was a long and tiring day and all we wanted was to get some sleep!

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