Brian’s blog is going strong and being updated more frequently than mine at the moment, so have a look!


We haven’t been doing a great deal lately as we have now started to get into a general living mode rather than our treating our time as a big holiday and trying to do things every day. However, we still intend visiting some nice places so we’ll keep you informed as and when we do.

We also received the very sad news that my much loved brother, Johnnie, passed away last Friday, 6th February, after fighting his illness over the last year so we have not really been in the mood to go out visiting places. RIP Johnnie.

Prior to getting the news, we went out for lunch to a very nice hotel called Asari which is situated in a vineyard, which as you may have noticed, most of the places with nice views are!


We also went out with our in laws, Carina, Gerhard, Phyllis and Gerald to a restaurant called…

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