On the way to Tallahassee

Day 93 – Pensacola to Tallahassee

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After spending a nice stopover in Pensacola we were on our way to Tallahassee at about 10:30, again driving on a very pleasant road with lots of trees and greenery surrounding us. We made another detour on the US98 along the coast which was ok, but not as interesting as I’d hoped it would be; still it took care of an extra couple of hours of our time that we would have just spent in our hotel room otherwise. It was just as well that we spent more hours on the road as when we checked into the Motel 6 in Tallahassee they told me the Wi-Fi was down, and frankly the place was a shithole (probably also the cheapest place we stayed at) and I couldn’t wait to put our stuff down and get out of there again! We didn’t expect too much from Tallahassee and we didn’t go looking for the tourist sites if there were any!
Instead we went walking around the local area and had dinner at Cabo’s Grill & Bar where I had a massive plate of Mexican food, including a burrito, enchilada and taco and Brian had a rather good burger – again. I have to say, on the whole the quality of burgers in the USA has been very good and consistent with only the odd dud here and there – I’m really going to miss the burgers! I could barely finish half my food before packing it in and we moved on to the bar area of Cabo’s where we proceeded to have quite a few drinks! They had Whiskey Wednesday on so bourbon was cheap and I made the most of it and thoroughly enjoyed myself! What wasn’t so enjoyable is the fact that people could smoke in the bar, including the bar staff, and I think I must have been the only person there not smoking! Combined with the fact that it was a tiny bar it was so smoky that it made my eyes water and I absolutely reeked of smoke when we walked out! We had a fairly early night, despite the cockroaches in the room! This room was a close contender for the worst place we’ve stayed at during the trip with the worst part probably getting into the shower the next morning and seeing the mouldy, slimy state of the shower curtain…stay the hell away from this Motel 6, and in fact all Motel 6’s if you can! The fact that I could see the Wi-Fi connection despite the staff insisting that the Wi-Fi was down didn’t help either.

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