Kruger National Park - Letaba

Day 21 – Satara, Kruger National Park – 29 September

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For our last full day in Kruger I planned what I thought was going to be quite a long trip from Satara to Olifants Camp, and possibly to Letaba if time allowed. I am of course curious about all the camps and want to see as many as possible as I’m not sure when we’ll be back again! This was the only morning we actually did a 6am game drive and we went out on the Orpen road, where we saw the mating lions the afternoon before. Around the same area where we saw the mating lions there were loads of vultures hanging about the trees, and when we stopped to have a look there were three lions walking around hungrily. I’m sure they were looking for something to eat but pickings would have been quite low in that area and again we didn’t want to hang around until they found something to kill, so made our way back to camp and breakfast. The vultures were impressive though!

We then went on a gravel loop, which the sighting board indicated as a hotbed for lions, leopards and cheetah – though we must have been VERY unlucky as we didn’t spot any of those! We carried on to Olifants Camp on the gravel road while seeing very little but dry bush and drier waterholes. At Olifants Camp we stopped for sandwiches and a look around. Olifants Camp is another camp by the river, but this time on a hill with the riverbed far below.

There are a lot of routes to drive around the camp but after our experience so far the day we decided to not bother, and carried on up to Letaba – which was probably the most lifeless bit of road we’ve driven the whole trip – and we had to drive it back as well! Letaba has an interesting museum or Elephant Hall, all about elephants and displaying the tusks of the magnificent seven, so we spent a bit of time there reading all about them. Letaba is a very pretty camp with lots of huge trees, and it also overlooks the river. On the way back we spotted an eagle that just caught some small antelope (of which we saw lots during the day – almost all we did see!), that was quite interesting. Back at camp we cooked dinner and enjoyed our last night in the peace and quiet of Kruger.

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