Mount Cook, NZ

Day 63 – Twizel – 16 November 2017

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Well, I suppose I better complete the last few days of our trip, even though we’ve been back home for a few days now! In Queenstown I got my last pie for the trip (sad, I know!) from Ferg Bakery – it was a lamb shoulder with kumara pie and it was delicious!
The mission for the day was to drive to Mount Cook and spend the night in a town called Twizel as I couldn’t find affordable accommodation in Mount Cook Village. On the way to Mount Cook we made a brief stop at Cromwell’s historic precinct, before pushing on to Mount Cook.

It was a gloriously, beautiful sunny day and at Mount Cook we did a couple of walks, just enjoying the sunshine and the fresh air. Mount Cook is very popular with hikers and there are a lot of camping and overnight facilities and multiple trails into the mountains, ranging from 15 minutes to pretty much all day.

At Twizel I had the most bizarre check-in experience with a monosyllabic check-in clerk at Mountain Chalets who told me our unit was just next to reception – we then spent 10 minutes looking for it! He also told me the WiFi password was just the room number – of course it didn’t work! The chalet was good, although we didn’t spend much time there before going out to find happy hour in one of the town’s very few drinking establishments! Eventually we stumbled upon Razza’s Bar, which appeared to be the locals’ hangout and I had some Thai curry while Brian looked on in disgust!

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