Day 4 – New Hope, Lambertville & Bordentown

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Today we had plenty of time as we had a day to spare before we were to check into our B&B for New York, so we took it easy and visited a couple of small towns called New Hope and Lambertville on opposite sides of the Delaware river. We drove through some lovely countryside and just enjoyed the warm weather and sunshine.
We parked in New Hope and explored the town before heading over the State Line to Lambertville. New Hope is a beautiful little town with canal tow paths and lots of places to eat and drink; Lambertville is also very quaint though slightly different and more formal. We had lunch at Fran’s Pub while trying to get a Wi-Fi signal, but couldn’t get one (we still had to book a room for the night!). I had a Philly Cheesesteak Hoagie and Brian a toasted cheese sandwich. Both were ok, but not great and I’m hoping that isn’t all there is to a Philly Cheesesteak!
After a lovely couple of hours and finding a hotel for the night we headed towards Trenton, the state capital and onwards to Bordentown where we were spending the night. Bordentown looking like a very dull area with nothing but chain hotels and motels on a major road, but on closer inspection I found that the actual town was a little way off the main road. After checking into another Best Western (both cheaper and a lot nicer than Fairfax) we spent a while catching up on our various emails, blogs and admin before heading to Bordentown for dinner. Bordentown is another delightful small town with a few restaurants and a couple of bars with people sitting eating and drinking everywhere outside. We went into a pub/restaurant called The Farnsworth House that turned out to have a great selection of beers and an even better selection of Martinis! They even had a South African wine on the menu (Douglas Green Sauvignon Blanc)! I was happy as a pig in mud and their food menu looked very tempting, but I’d read about a bar called The Hob Tavern that I wanted to visit so off we went. The Hob was a totally different experience from The Farnsworth, with a big rectangular bar to sit at and another very interesting beer menu. They also do food and I had a salad and baked potato while sipping my rather strong beer (Kentucky Bourbon Barrel Ale at 8.19%). The barman and locals were very friendly and we got talking to a girl who lives just down the road from the pub. Another Martini later and it was definitely time for me to head home! Bordentown turned out to be a pleasant surprise!

Things I learned on Day 4: Small towns rock & Martinis still rule!

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