As I am now on my second cold in two weeks (and not being properly ill for years before) I think it is safe to say a steady diet of booze, bread and meat may not be particularly good for you! We had an early start today as we want to cover Boston and then still drive another couple of hours to Portsmouth to stay the night. The weather is foggy but quite warm and hopefully it will clear up a bit later.
We couldn’t find anything acceptable and affordable in or near Boston so decided to stay in Portsmouth for the night – we are also on quite a tight schedule to get to Toronto by Friday so having to skip Portland and the rest of Maine. This meant we had to park somewhere and go into Boston by public transport for the afternoon, not that I mind of course as I love checking out local metros! We parked near a stop called Riverside on the Green Line and made our way into Boston. We basically just spent the afternoon walking around and taking in the history and sights of the town. We followed the Freedom Trail which is a 4km route that takes you around 16 locations that are significant to the history of the US. We saw some interesting buildings and parts of town and I climbed the 294 steps to the top of Bunker Hill Monument which almost killed me! I really need to start getting some exercise again!!
As we were driving and I was still feeling queasy from my spaghetti pizza the night before, we didn’t sit down to eat and drink as you normally would, so I think we probably didn’t enjoy Boston as much as you would if you were spending a weekend there. There are a lot of restaurants, bars and interesting streets to walk about in (especially the Italian area) but we didn’t have the time to spend really relaxing into it. In fact, at this point some serious indigestion kicked in for me (probably a combination of too many painkillers and a very bad diet) so I had to focus on getting my stomach better before indulging too much again. I felt very bad in Boston, so stocked up on some antacids and started skipping the coffee and orange juice in the morning – as well as the aspirin and ibuprofen for the head cold and sinus!
Then we were off to Portsmouth which was painful as there were massive traffic delays and very heavy rain on the way there, and all we wanted when we got to the hotel was something to eat and to go to bed! We checked into another Best Western and fortunately there was a diner called The Roundabout Diner next to the hotel where we decided to have dinner. I had a Muddy Pie which was BBQ pulled pork covered in corn and mash, with baked beans and corn bread, and Brian had a pulled pork and cheese toasted sandwich. Unfortunately I forgot both phone and camera in our room so didn’t get any pictures! The hotel was ok with fast Wi-Fi at least, which was good for planning our next couple of nights.
Things I learned today: always carry your camera and/or phone in order to take pictures as you never know when you’ll need it. Don’t try to do too much in one day as you will end up knackered and asleep by eight. Don’t be cocky and think 294 steps are nothing as you should still be reasonably fit after all that Autumn exercise stuff, not taking into account that you’re suffering from a bad cold and intense indigestion, leading you to think you are going to die from a heart attack!

3 Replies to “Day 8 – Boston & Portsmouth”

  1. Jammer julle is so vining deur Boston; is eintlik amazing met soveel geskiedenis en great lifestyle. Julle moet nou rustig raak en meer tyd spandeer anders is julle deur die hele NA in ‘n maand.


    1. Ja, sal nou beslis rustiger raak. Help ook nie as mens nie in die stad bly nie – is bv baie bly ons het in Montreal in die stad gebly want dit maak net alles makliker


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