Jervis Bay, NSW

Day 33 – Jervis Bay – 17 October 2017

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Before leaving Sydney there was one tourist attraction that we hadn’t seen – Bondi Beach – so of course we had to go and have a look at it before getting on the road again. As it turns out it was ok, pretty much just another beach, but I can see that it would be a nice area to live in with lots of cafes and interesting little shops. From Bondi we made our way along the coast for a bit to look at some more beaches, but frankly they all blend into one by this point.

Next stop was Sea Cliff Bridge for some pictures before quite a long drive through Kangaroo Valley – sadly lacking in any lookout points to appreciate the view from! We stopped at Fitzroy Falls for a quick break before realising that the road we were supposed to take to Jervis Bay was shut! Fortunately it turned out that is was only shut temporarily, so after waiting for about 20 minutes it opened again and we didn’t have to do a massive detour to get to Jervis Bay.

We stayed in the Jervis Bay Motel in Huskisson and the town is pretty small, though with stunning scenery. When we got in it was VERY windy but fortunately the town is small enough that you can cover it in about 5 minutes! We went to The Huskisson Hotel for a drink and a look at the menu before settling into Club Jervis Bay where we enjoyed the steak special and a few drinks before yet another early night!

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