Louisville, Kentucky

Day 20 – Cincinatti to Louisville

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I am now so far behind on the blog that I’m going to pretty much just post pictures and write very little!
Louisville is home to a host of Bourbon distilleries, the Mohammed Ali Center and the Louisville Slugger Museum and not much else. It is a pleasant enough town to spend a night in and we enjoyed walking around the town even though it was ridiculously hot and humid.

Brian wanted to go and visit the Muhammed Ali Center, but unfortunately it is closed on a Monday, while I struck it luckier with the Evan Williams Bourbon Experience. The bourbon experience and tasting was quite interesting, and I quite fancy coming back to Kentucky for a much more extended Bourbon tour!

For dinner we made our way to 4th Street Live, which is basically a huge area full or bars and restaurants. We had a drink in Guy Fieri’s Smokehouse before I insisted on checking out the 3rd Street Dive bar, which was a really nice dive bar.

Dinner ended up being at Gordon Biersch Brewery Restaurant for me while Brian had a Smashburger. My steak tasted nicer than it looks!

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